Men are Wolves

Molly thought she knew everything about her mountain home but she has never heard of the wolfman Dylan swears he's hunting. He has no reason to lie, so it has to be true. Dylan offers to share his knowledge of wolfmen with Molly, who eagerly follows him into the woods. But she soon learns the only wolf in this forest is the one she's with.

Red’s Wild Romp

A simple visit to her grandmother turns into a sexual encounter with a very horny wolf. He bespells Red into thinking she's feeding her ailing grandmother soup when she's really spread wide and being eaten. The wolf won't be satisfied until he's gobbled her up, but greedy wolves chance running into hunters.

His Private Lesson

Jocelyn is an honors student in her freshman year of college. The last thing she needs is a tutor, but the lessons taught by the man of the house aren't for anything she'll be tested on in school. He's giving her a hands-on education in the sensual arts. Practice and repetition are key. He won't be satisfied with her progress until she is.

Ebony Booty Bundle

All six Ebony Booty titles collected in one bundle!

Ebony may pretend to be a little angel, but she’s a grown woman with needs and these older men are happy to fulfill them.

Calvin Heath — A silver fox who is thirty-years older than Ebony and just as hungry for it as she is. She just has to convince him of that fact without anyone else realizing she’s offering.

Roy Marson — She’s determined to show him the little girl he knew has become the woman he desires. She plans to give him everything they both want once they stop being interrupted.

Kane White — She might not be buying but Kane is more than happy to show her to a changing room to see what fits. Ebony will have to try hard not to let on how much she enjoys Kane’s version of customer satisfaction.

Aarón Herrera – He is supposed to be a devoted husband. He surprises Ebony when he decides to give her a taste of Latin loving that makes her hungry for the full course.

Glenn Heller – A bar owner and willing to entertain Ebony while she waits to drive her father home. She’ll be taking shots all night and loving every drop.

Travis Jordy – Ebony has the perfect fiftieth birthday present for Travis when they end up alone in the house together. The threat of someone coming home and catching them just makes the encounter that much hotter.

Tempting Daddy’s Friend Aarón

Ebony is not a stranger to getting some in the back of a car, but not while her father is driving and definitely not with one of his friends. Aarón Herrera is supposed to be a devoted husband. He surprises Ebony when he decides to give her a taste of Latin loving that makes her hungry for the full course, but a blanket can only muffle so much. Ebony will have to enjoy this meal with her mouth shut because her pleasure could send her father off the road.

Life Lessons Bundle

Molly has led a sheltered life. She doesn’t know a lot about the world beyond what her parents have told her, and they haven’t told her much. It’s no wonder her cousins-by-marriage and a mature hunter with a winning smile are able to snare her with the simplest of lies. She’s about to receive a crash course in some basic truths about life.

Fog Hazards

On a foggy day in the mountains, Molly chances indulging in some public pleasure on the middle of the road. She can barely see her hand in front of her face so no one should be able to see her. Except her cousins-by-marriage do. They'll keep quiet but she has to give them something in return for their silence. But if she didn't see them, how did they see her?


Sasha is roommates with a very energetic Husky named Monty. He’s no ordinary dog. He’s a shifter and he’s horny from morning until night, which makes him a very demanding lover. Sasha has had to rearrange her entire life just to accommodate his sexual needs. But his needs are hers as well and now she’s struggling to find a balance between work and play.

His Sleeping Slut

Prince Warin has searched long and hard for the fabled sleeping beauty of the enchanted castle and, at last, he's found her. A kiss doesn't wake her from her magical sleep, neither does claiming her virginity. She fulfills his every desire, but what happens when she wakes up?

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