Kendra belongs to Alpha, the leader of the wolf pack roaming the preserve where she works. He chose her to be his mate, and once a month she has to submit to his pleasure in order to get pregnant. She doesn’t want to have puppies–or whatever will result from their union–but Alpha and his pack aren’t giving her a choice in the matter.

His Taboo Mistress

The man of the house brought Mikala along to a business conference as his plus one. Everyone believes she's his lover, and Mikala gets sick of telling them otherwise. She decides playing the part is much more entertaining, hamming it up for her unknowing audience. When the evening ends, Mikala discovers her role is far from over. The man of the house refuses to let her be branded a liar, and she learns just how pleasurable honesty can be.

Pillow Loving

Felicia’s favorite pastime is using the man of the house’s pillow to pleasure herself so he smells her while he’s sleeping. Nothing gets her hotter faster than thinking she’s the cause of his morning wood. When he catches her in the act, no amount of excuses or pleadings will save her from paying the price for her mischief.

Ebony Booty Bundle 1: Calvin, Roy, and Kane

Ebony may pretend to be a little angel, but she's a grown woman with needs and her father's friends are happy to fulfill them.

Calvin Heath -- the epitome of a silver fox, distinguished with the kind of mature handsomeness that makes women wet.

Roy Marson -- a big, lovable, teddy bear of a man with a scowl that could stop a man's heart at twenty paces and a perpetual growl in his voice.

Kane White -- a leather and lifestyle shop owner with bright-red hair, a healthy dose of freckles across his pale face, and a boyish smile.

Taboo Lovers Bundle

Three short stories featuring lustful men giving the women they raised some special, loving attention.

His Fevered Need — When the man of the house says he wants to hear the pitter-patter of little feet around the house again, he gets what he wants and Alexis will enjoy giving it to him.

His Private Lesson — The man of the house is giving Jocelyn a hands-on education in the sensual arts. Practice and repetition are key. He won’t be satisfied with her progress until she is.

His Taboo Mistress — Mikala pretended to be his lover as a joke. The man of the house refuses to let her be branded a liar, and she learns just how pleasurable honesty can be.

Alia’s Taboo Vow

Alia doesn't want to get married. She gave her suitor an impossible task to accomplish before she will accept his proposal. When he meets her deadline, she has no other choice but to marry the king -- her own father. She can't let this taboo union happen, but no one is willing to go against the king to stop it.

That Doesn’t Count

Serena should have locked her bedroom door, and she should have made sure everyone was asleep before sneaking her boyfriend into her room. Now she’s facing a very angry man of the house. Insisting she’s innocent despite her backdoor experience ends with her arguing over what does and doesn’t constitute sex. She wins the debate but will lose her freedom and the college of her choice if she doesn’t let the man who raised her take advantage of the same loophole.

Sexed-Up Fairy Tales Bundle 1

The Brothers Grimm never imagined these three fairy tales quite like this.

Red's Wild Romp -- Erotica retelling of Red Riding Hood where the horny wolf won't be satisfied until he's creamed every hole and made Red beg him for more. But greedy wolves chance running into hunters.

His Sleeping Slut -- Erotica retelling of Sleeping Beauty where Prince Warin finds the fabled sleeping princess of an enchanted castle and enjoys seeding and breeding the perfect lover who will never wake up...until she does.

Alia's Taboo Vow -- Erotica retelling of Coat of All Furs (don't worry if you don't know it). She gave the king an impossible task to get out of being his bride, and he met it. Now she has to marry her own father and let the entire kingdom bear witness to their wedding night.

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