Ebony Booty Bundle

All six Ebony Booty titles collected in one bundle!

Ebony may pretend to be a little angel, but she’s a grown woman with needs and these older men are happy to fulfill them.

Calvin Heath — A silver fox who is thirty-years older than Ebony and just as hungry for it as she is. She just has to convince him of that fact without anyone else realizing she’s offering.

Roy Marson — She’s determined to show him the little girl he knew has become the woman he desires. She plans to give him everything they both want once they stop being interrupted.

Kane White — She might not be buying but Kane is more than happy to show her to a changing room to see what fits. Ebony will have to try hard not to let on how much she enjoys Kane’s version of customer satisfaction.

Aarón Herrera – He is supposed to be a devoted husband. He surprises Ebony when he decides to give her a taste of Latin loving that makes her hungry for the full course.

Glenn Heller – A bar owner and willing to entertain Ebony while she waits to drive her father home. She’ll be taking shots all night and loving every drop.

Travis Jordy – Ebony has the perfect fiftieth birthday present for Travis when they end up alone in the house together. The threat of someone coming home and catching them just makes the encounter that much hotter.

Life Lessons Bundle

Molly has led a sheltered life. She doesn’t know a lot about the world beyond what her parents have told her, and they haven’t told her much. It’s no wonder her cousins-by-marriage and a mature hunter with a winning smile are able to snare her with the simplest of lies. She’s about to receive a crash course in some basic truths about life.

Taboo Lovers Bundle

Three short stories featuring lustful men giving the women they raised some special, loving attention.

His Fevered Need — When the man of the house says he wants to hear the pitter-patter of little feet around the house again, he gets what he wants and Alexis will enjoy giving it to him.

His Private Lesson — The man of the house is giving Jocelyn a hands-on education in the sensual arts. Practice and repetition are key. He won’t be satisfied with her progress until she is.

His Taboo Mistress — Mikala pretended to be his lover as a joke. The man of the house refuses to let her be branded a liar, and she learns just how pleasurable honesty can be.

Ebony Booty Bundle 1: Calvin, Roy, and Kane

Ebony may pretend to be a little angel, but she's a grown woman with needs and her father's friends are happy to fulfill them.

Calvin Heath -- the epitome of a silver fox, distinguished with the kind of mature handsomeness that makes women wet.

Roy Marson -- a big, lovable, teddy bear of a man with a scowl that could stop a man's heart at twenty paces and a perpetual growl in his voice.

Kane White -- a leather and lifestyle shop owner with bright-red hair, a healthy dose of freckles across his pale face, and a boyish smile.

Sexed-Up Fairy Tales Bundle 1

The Brothers Grimm never imagined these three fairy tales quite like this.

Red's Wild Romp -- Erotica retelling of Red Riding Hood where the horny wolf won't be satisfied until he's creamed every hole and made Red beg him for more. But greedy wolves chance running into hunters.

His Sleeping Slut -- Erotica retelling of Sleeping Beauty where Prince Warin finds the fabled sleeping princess of an enchanted castle and enjoys seeding and breeding the perfect lover who will never wake up...until she does.

Alia's Taboo Vow -- Erotica retelling of Coat of All Furs (don't worry if you don't know it). She gave the king an impossible task to get out of being his bride, and he met it. Now she has to marry her own father and let the entire kingdom bear witness to their wedding night.

Ebony Booty Bundle 2: Aarón, Glenn, and Travis

Ebony Booty Bundle 2: Aarón, Glenn, and Travis cover

Ebony has added three more of her father's friends to her list of lovers:

Aarón Herrera - He has medium physique was comfortable but tight. A black anchor-style beard graces his chin. There is always an amused twinkle in his brown eyes, and he has the hint of a tattooed feather peeking out of the collar of his shirt.

Glenn Heller - His violet eyes are his best feature. He isn’t hard-body handsome and his salt-and-pepper hair used to be pure black but was now receding. His muscles aren’t defined, and he has the beginnings of a spare tire, but he can lift a full keg one-handed without any effort. He always wears short-sleeves, even in winter, so he can show off his full-sleeve tattoos.

Travis Jordy - Baby-blue eyed corn-fed country-boy type, who appears ten years younger than he really is. Sun-bleached blond hair from working outdoors doing construction and a perpetual five o'clock shadow graces his square jaw.

Sexed-Up Fairy Tales Bundle 2: Goldilocks and Rapunzel

Sexed-Up Fairy Tales Bundle 2: Goldilocks and Rapunzel cover

The final 3 Sexed-Up Fairy Tales titles in one bundle!

Goldi's Sweet Ass - Goldi never imagined the punishment for trespassing. The three bears weren't happy to find her but they love having her over and over until she forgets wanting to go home and is begging them for more.

Goldi's Mother's Ass - Cressida is worried about her daughter. Goldi hasn't returned home. Going out to find Goldi puts Cressida in Baby's path. He's more than happy to bring mother and daughter together in a sexual reunion neither woman can resist. The three bears are at it again, and the only pleas they'll acknowledge are the ones for more pleasure.

Zel's Wanton Trip - Rapunzel has spent her entire life in a cabin deep in the woods until she sneaks out one day to visit the nearby village. That's where she meets Silas, a kind man who is willing to teach her how to barter her body for the things she wants. She has to keep her lessons secret from the witch who raised her or else there will be hell to pay.

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