Tempting Daddy’s Friend Aarón

Title: Tempting Daddy's Friend Aarón
Series: Ebony Booty #4
Genre: ,

Themes: Older man, bwlm interracial, car sex, on-the-sly
Length: 4,190 words

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Ebony is not a stranger to getting some in the back of a car, but not while her father is driving and definitely not with one of his friends. Aarón Herrera is supposed to be a devoted husband. He surprises Ebony when he decides to give her a taste of Latin loving that makes her hungry for the full course, but a blanket can only muffle so much. Ebony will have to enjoy this meal with her mouth shut because her pleasure could send her father off the road.

Also in this series: Release Date: May 1, 2016
ISBN13: 9781634750196
Published by: DZRB Books
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